Indoorsy NYC

Okay, New Yorkers, let's do this cold weather thing!  


New York you beautiful YOU! I love you and I want to explore every inch of you but when it gets below freezing our relationship gets rocky. It even hits rock bottom where I catch myself swearing I'll move back to the other coast! so you better get your indoorsy lists together before its too late. 


So if you live here or your just visiting there are the obvious indoor activities; Restaurants, Broadway shows, Museum and etc... but Here are some of my less obvious faves... 

Brookfield place, located in Lower Manhattan's Battery Park City, its not just another crowded shopping mall but its the world-class destination for shopping and dining with a luxury retail collection, a 25,000 square-foot French marketplace, waterfront dining and exceptional restaurants. Offering expansive views of the Hudson River and Lower Manhattan. 

My favorite spot is Le District as the name suggests its made up of multiple districts with such different feels, there is a cafe, bar, restaurant , grocery store, an outside area, and for the winter they even installed an igloo. Its like a french version of Eataly.  


I love watching the sunsets at the brookfield place sitting on the stairs under the palm trees. There is something so magical about the pink light hitting the glass structure as your sipping on a glass of ChĂȘne Bleu RosĂ©  


So go explore the downtown and let me know what your fave spots are?