I bet you don’t know what Dumbo stands for?

The best day in Dumbo

So you may act like a Dumbo connoisseur, knowing all the trendiest spots, your insta may be filled with photos of Dumbo’s cafes, restaurants and galleries and don’t even get me started on how envious I am of those who were able to buy a condo there before Dumbo became one of the most expensive NY neighborhoods. But I guarantee you that 90% of those folks don’t even know what Dumbo stands for? And haven’t explored the biggest gems yet. So I here go spilling the beans.

Dumbo Stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, back in the day it was mainly deserted, inhabited by a few artists who had colonized its lofts; today the area is packed with art studios, Cool tech companies and luxury residences. 

The Brooklyn Bridge’s Cold War Bunker

The history of the Brooklyn Bridge is fascinating and involves tragic deaths and a brilliant, enterprising woman, and so much more, But one cool factoid that will probably not hear about anywhere else is this: the bridge contained a vault storing a stockpile of supplies in the event that New York had been hit with a nuclear attack. The New York Times reported it in 2006.

The Sunday Brooklyn Flea, my absolute favorite!

Archway Café 57 Pearl St.

Right next to the Manhattan Bridge Archway, this café serves spinach pies and omelets for breakfast and fresh salads and sandwiches for lunch. Archwaycafe.com


 Love & Dough 57C Pearl St.

A charming eatery adjacent to the Manhattan Bridge, serving Neapolitan specialties, brick-oven pizzas, Mediterranean salads and pastas -- all made with fresh ingredients.




Pedro's Mexican Bar & Restaurant 73 Jay St.

This family-owned restaurant serves Dominican and Mexican fare and is known for its specialty sandwiches. Also find $3 beers and $5 margaritas.