The Water Palace

The Pursuit of Tranquility 

Raha Bamdadi

Perhaps the most peaceful part of our trip was gazing deep into the center of Sagar Lake and appreciating the beauty of Jal Mahal, the water palace. This is a must visit for all. The beautiful Jal Mahal is a low-rise symmetrical palace built about 300 years ago to serve as a shooting lodge for the Maharajah. It floats in the center of Sagar Lake and is only accessible by boat.

Raha Bamdadi

The palace has five floors, of which four are under water and the top floor is above the water level. There is a rectangular canopy on the roof and there are semi-octagonal towers at the four corners ending with a canopy or Chhatri at the top.

The light sand coloured stonewalls is the highlight of the Jal Mahal, a stark contrast to the deep blue of the lake waters. The majestic scene makes it photograph friendly.