Chokhi Dhani ? WTA (What The ...Awesome...)

Why Did I start This Blog? Here is why…

Even though my travel partner and I did months of research on the spots we must visit on our trip to India unfortunately we didn’t really find much to add to our checklist. We asked many friends who had visited the city before, our tour guides, our travel agents, hotel personnel, and cab drivers J did research online, read travel blogs and we never heard anything about “Chokhi Dhani” which probably was the most fascinating real Indian experience of our entire trip. And this is why I started this blog.

For a couple of attractive young women ;) such as my sister and I, it’s not safe to be out passed 5:30 PM, bars, clubs and nightlife are out of question. Well we are not the kind of people who go to sleep at 6pm, we traveled half way across the globe to learn and explore a new culture, not to stay in the hotel room and watch reality TV.

Chokhi Dhani is a unique Village Resort that captures the spirit of Rajasthan, ensuring the perfect Rajasthani experience. It’s a manmade small village to replica and let visitors experience how the old and traditional Rajasthani life. You have to purchase tickets and once you enter you are transferred to an ancient time.

I can’t describe the décor and ambiance since you have to see it to feel it but the most bizarre experience was the food. As you may already know most of Rajasthan is a vegetarian state, which is absolutely greet. And most dishes are stews, soup like consistency. So what is Bizarre about that? In the past the food was enjoyed sitting on the ground and only using your hands, just the right hand to be exact and–NO utensils! The plates and serving dishes were made out of very interesting yet strong leaves. The food was super delicious. I’m telling you this was a total experience!

Camel rides, traditional dances, magic, fortune telling, snacks and drinks. There is also a booth where you can dress up in old traditional costumes and take your photos professionally taken. and of course there is a great shopping and soveniour area to browse for hours. 

check it out!