The Taj Mahal: Trip of a Lifetime

Pink at dawn and dusk, dazzling white at noon, pearly silver by moonlight.

I know you must be thinking Taj Mahal?! It’s a bit cliché (eye roll) but it’s a must-see, since it’s a truly beautiful piece of architectural art, with a romantically sad story to accompany it.

Taj Mahal tells a tale of history and love. India is one of the world’s most ancient-surviving civilizations and has thousands of years of history to explore. But what was so memorable to me was the Taj Mahal show, a somewhat of a Broadway show equivalent performance that expresses the tale. And it’s far away from boring! One of the most memorable part of my trip , a complete must see!   

A couple of local ladies and I got to chat and lounge after visiting the crown of India.  The Agra locals are the friendliest people Ive ever met. Agra by far was the most peaceful city out of all the cities I got a chance to visit on my trips to India.