First Day In India


It seems to be the backdrop for globe trippers in pursuit of a movable feasts. And I’m not only referring to the delicious food and sweets but the festivals, the habits, the beliefs, way of life and yes I am referring to the Yoga and all of the movements that initiated from this region.

I think that many choose to travel to India for the challenge of experiencing a completely different culture. And if you want that experience first you need to educate your self to be able to see beyond the overcrowded, impoverished, hot, polluted, and culturally confusing country. India is so much more!

I invite you to accompany me in 7 days of my journey and each day I will reveal to you just another reason why I found my Indian Journey to be the most enlightening. 

Incredible Diversity. There is an incomprehensible amount of diversity in India, and yet there is harmony and unity, “peace”. There are many different groups of individuals that belong to dissimilar tribes, religions and customs however they reside peacefully next to each other and respect one another.  

You can travel though India and experience distinct cultural differences in each region. It’s impossible to make a blanket statement about India. 

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