Man Caves of DTLA

This one is for all the Gentlemen out there…

Now I’m no expert on the subject, as you probably know by now I’m a proud feminist female, but the idea for creating this blog fostered while I was getting ready for a night out on the town with my girl friends, while my husband had his best friends over who were complaining about the “scene” in LA. Their main argument was the lack of old school male-centric environment in this city. They couldn’t think of a good place to just hang out with their buds, nothing too wild just a “man cave” vibe away from the raucous crowds. Well fellows I got your cure and you aint gatta go far to find it.

Bolt Barbers Featurette. Produced by Ashton Kutcher. Courtesy of

Bolt Barbers, a barber shop for social beasts              

Finally a stylish authentic old school barbershop staffed with barbers. Zappos Cheerleading, Personal Therapy, Legal Advice, Marriage Counseling, & Career Coaching are included in the treatments! Free root beer, 1950s jukebox, 1940’s shuffleboard table plus Shine-Boots w/ Mr Happy Feet (DTLA) for $7! 

Seven Grand, 

You are welcomed by the international wall of whisk(e)y, enjoy a fresh Old Fashioned, a cold craft beer, a rich cigar or a game of pool, the Seven Grand is a total mancave!

Broadway Bar,

As the name suggest located on Broadway between 8th and 9th streets. The first thing that mesmerizes you as you walk in is the décor, old school glamour to the perfection. Two Boots Pizza is right next door, as if they read your mind! 

Golden Gopher,

Affordable drinks, great atmosphere, low pretension, plus for you smokers out there, there is even a smoking patio. Ample selection of top shelf liquor “to go” thanks to its still valid 1905 liquor license issued when Teddy Roosevelt was Commander-in-Chief!

For more bars/restaurants check out

Rad manly shopping? Yes got that covered at Tanner Goods, corner of Broadway and 9th street. Known for their handcrafted luxe leather bags, belts, home goods and more, Tanner Goods is operated by some friendly stylish folks. 

Gentlemen please let me know what you think? Have you been to any of these spots yet? What’s your fav. ?

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