An Edification Vacation? DTLA's got that covered

The Last Book Store 

It shocks me (and to be honest a little disappointing) when I meet peeps that have lived in LA for years and haven’t been to the Last bookstore? (Seriously what’s wrong with you folks?) Whenever I feel like I am in need of a little inspiration I give this place a visit. 

The last bookstore is now the largest independent bookstore in Southern California. You can sell or trade old books here, pick up new ones, grab a record or a cup of Joe, and attend a myriad of events including readings, book signings, writer's groups, open mic nights and concerts. It's a true community hot spot, bringing like-minded literary folks together to create, inspire and share in an open and welcoming space. 

They even host knitting classes, art galleries, and shops here!                                    

Los Angeles Public Library

My first week of being a Downtowner I got a call from an old colleague of mine, Vanessa Barocio, who invited me to one of LA’s treasures “the public library”. Located on the corner of 5th and Hope Street, with the strange pyramid on top that deserves a role in the next overwrought Nicolas Cage conspiracy movie. We explored, explored, and explored some more, then wined and dined.  This place is definitely worth a visit! Its not just your average library, is a truly beautiful work of architecture. Walk to the higher levels and behold the soaring rotunda, full of spectacular murals painted in 1933 conquistadors, friars, Native Americans and European settlers, not to mention the globe chandelier that throws light on them.

It has a beautiful garden open to masses, which includes the internationally recognized symbol of world peace, the world Peace Bell, casted from coins and medals donated by 103 countries and represent a common bond among the nations of the world.


 Walt Disney Concert Hall

Feeling the Explorer vibes or perhaps parents visiting you in town and your in search of a family friendly adventure? Show them the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Frank Gehry's rippling metallic beauty is nearly irresistible, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic keeps it busy with concerts, symphonies, operas and more events.