First Day in Downtown LA

First Day in DTLA

I stole this idea from the most creative girl I know, Lauren Nypaver, who told me about her ingenious plan over some delicious cocktails in Downtown LA’s IT spot, “Perch”. In today’s world where traveling to exotic places has became the new road trip there is only one dilemma left, what to pack and what’s the plan once we get there? In other words where do the cool kids hang?  Creating a blog where we can share with the world what to wear and what to do straight from the rad locals.

For the past two years I’ve explored DTLA and was lucky enough to be a part of this artistic energy that is thriving in this enclave of Los Angeles, which is truly electrifying. Without further ado, here is my recommended to do list.

Grand Central Market

A historic gem operating since 1917 located on Broadway and 3rd street brings together the cuisines and cultures of LA. From the hipster coveted EggSlut, perfect hangover food to the world famous G&B Coffee, founded by the champion baristas Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski; Serving up coffees, espresso drinks, and teas selected from the world’s top roasters and farms. And a million more treasures worth exploring. Grand Central market has become a weekend tradition.

Back in the day, residents would take Angels Flight down to the Market to shop for everything from fruits & veggies, to various meat cuts, candy & coffee, & even eggs & breads! I love the fact that Grand Central market as well as the artsy residence fought to preserve this place. As a matter of fact I visited the market today to get my domestic extra sharp Cheddar cheese as well as some fruits and vegetables.  

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