Park Avenue

Park Avenue


Rich fancy shiny brown silk fabric, mixed with metallic flower print and striped hand embroidered fabrics. A midi-length coat is a wardrobe favorite for crisp-air autumn days, with an oversized look. One size fits most. Belt included and can be worn belted for a chic polished look or unbelted. 

Care instructions: wipe clean, Dry clean, handwash. Do not machine wash. Never bleach, never expose to direct heat, intense sunlight.   

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Silk is a versatile fabric. Fabric makers can produce very heavy silks, such as dupioni silks, as well as very lightweight varieties, such as crepe de chine. Crepe de chine, despite having a very light weight, is very durable. Many tailors find crepe de chine easy to work with due to the ease with which it accepts thread as well as its tendency to stay together rather than fray when cut.